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Oman is a Diplomatic Lynchpin in Middle East

Photo Source: Times of Oman

By Naveed Qazi | Editor, Globe UpFront

Most of the countries promote diplomacy on a specific political ideology and economic interests, which are often short term. Oman, however, relies on long term diplomacy.
The country believes that peaceful negotiations are pivotal for its long-term prosperity and security, primarily due to the fact that Oman has limited military strength that it uses for its internal security. That’s why, for more than twenty-five years, it is pursuing an independent foreign policy and has thus become a vital place for backroom deals, by recognising its scope.
The Omani leader, Sultan Qaboos, has tried a number of ways to neutralise internal and external threats in his country. His strategy of ‘Omani balancing’ is unique, but also controversial, because it allows him to befriend Arab enemies, such as Iran and Israel.
Conversely, Oman has also pledged to play a limited role in providing military and humanitarian support to counter ISIS, bu…

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