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Gravity of Political Situation in Kazakhstan

  Photo source: Al Jazeera By Naveed Qazi | Editor, Globe Upfront The protests in the oil rich Kazakhstan have gained momentum in January 2022, when a crumbling old town in western Kazakhstan called Zhanaozen stirred in protests, as security forces killed some workers, who had gone to strike over late paychecks, and poor living conditions.   The sudden gas price hike has also been seen as an economic failure to ensure security to its people. However, it still remains a mystery how from a grimy, Soviet era settlement near the Caspian Sea protests suddenly spread across thousand miles, even turning Almaty, its largest city, into a war zone, littered with dead bodies, burned buildings including the mayor’s office, and incinerated cars. It shocked everyone, including its leader, who fortified Almaty with Russian troops. By ordering to fire without warning, to restore order, government critics have long bridled at government oppression, and rampant corruption in the oil rich nation. After

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