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Arrest of Julian Assange


By Naveed Qazi, Editor | Globe Up Front

A handcuffed and dishevelled Julian Assange was dragged out of Ecuadorian embassy in London, after seven years of confinement. 
The footage showed him heavily bearded and his silver coloured hair tied to his back. He had shouted, “UK must resist”, before officers escorted him into a police van. Before the arrest, Assange had barged past the police officers, returning to his private room, and commented before them: ’this is unlawful’.
The Ecuadorian government had offered him asylum, after a diplomatic row with the US Government, over an alleged cable, reflecting widespread corruption within the Ecuadorian police force.
The Wikileaks founder had reached the tenure limit of his asylum, since June 2012, and had invited metropolitan police officers inside the embassy premises, to avoid being extradited to Sweden, in connection with sexual assault allegations against him. He was then transferred to Belmarsh Prison in London. As per A…

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