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Rishi Sunak Leads a Tumultuous United Kingdom

  Photo source: India Today By Naveed Qazi, Editor, Globe Upfront Rishi Sunak became prime minister of the United Kingdom amid a serious political disorder. He has been UK’s third prime minister in less than seven weeks’ time. But nevertheless, as he is the first prime minister of colour in the United Kingdom, several political analysts thought that his win as prime minister is their Barack Obama moment. It made former cabinet minister, Sajid Javid remark: ‘Britain is the most successful multiracial democracy on Earth and proud of this historic achievement.’ Although Pankaj Mishra in an adverse criticism in his Guardian Oped called him just an upper caste Hindu who is against alcohol and beef eating, and that now snotty nosed racists like him will try to present themselves as ‘purveyors of racial diversity'. Sunak’s fate took a turn when he tried to replace Boris Johnson but he came narrowly behind Liz Truss in the summer of 2022. As Truss staged two embarrassing budget U-turns, sc

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