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Lessons From Spanish Election

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By Naveed Qazi | Editor, Globe UpFront

The stage, for the revival of socialism, in Europe, seems set, as Spain’s socialists, Partido Socialista Obrero EspaƱolhave gained power, in the country. 

As Spain’s socialist parties have won more than 32.8 per cent of the vote, it may be the biggest vote, for the socialists, in the region, apart from the Portuguese socialists. 

A government deal, is in the offing, after an inconclusive result, lingering around for a month, or so.

After a delay, Spain’s King Felipe VI has tasked the elect, Pedro Sanchez, with forming of a new government. His party had won one hundred twenty-three seats, out of three hundred fifty seats. The formation of the government will be a hard exercise, as a divisive mandate, and its reconciliation, among various political parties, will be an arduous task, in the weeks to come.
As a coalition government will most likely rule Spain, it is but natural, a certain disillusionment of Spaniards will remain the…

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