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Lack of Good Diplomacy on Aegean Islands

  Photo source: Carnegie Europe By Naveed Qazi | Editor, Globe Upfront Turkish and Greek claims, time and again, have overlapped near the Eastern Mediterranean and the islands of the Aegean. Due to this, there is a certain complexity under the international law which is exuberated by a lack of diplomacy. For a while, Turkey rejects what it calls as militarisation of some islands by Greece. According to Hasan Gogus, former Turkish ambassador to Greece and Austria, Turkey’s stance is valid. According to him, there are several disputes with Greece in the Aegean Sea, such as the width of territorial waters, delimitation of the continental shelf, demilitarisation of islands or length of airspace. While all issues are interrelated, Greece only acknowledges the existence of the continental shelf dispute. Most of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea are in close proximity to the Turkish mainland, such as Kastellorizo or Kos. Those islands were given to Greece under the 1947 Paris Peace Treaty

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