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Emergence of Centre Right Wave in Greece

Photo source: Christian Science Monitor

By Naveed Qazi | Editor, Globe UpFront
As the resurgent New Democracy, rises to power, in Greece, it seems that the left-wing populism, and an era of fragile coalitions, has been clobbered. 

It is because Kyriakos Mitsotakis has secured a decisive, and comfortable mandate, as he vowed to end, the Greek financial crises, during his campaigns.
After the election result, he stood up on the podium, over Acropolis, and was clicked by photojournalists, in a jubilant mood.
A former investment banker, he was seen by many Greeks, as a tireless campaigner, who tried to listen, to the woes of common people. His focus, during election campaigns, was mostly on economic recovery, negotiating better terms with creditors, promises of lower public taxation, attracting foreign investment, and creating jobs. He also had a strong political slogan, with an impactful message: ‘the need for Greeks is to get out and vote’. 
Mitsotakis’s New Democracy party secured 39.8 per c…

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