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Danish Ghetto Laws

Photo Source: WBUR

Written by Naveed Qazi | Editor, Globe UpFront

In the quest for national assimilation in Denmark, the government has passed a law called ‘ghetto deal’ targeting the neighbourhoods, compromising primarily of Muslim immigrants, with different ethnic backgrounds, who will eventually go into cultural training centres. 
These ‘ghetto neighbourhoods’ are defined as low-income areas and the children living in them are called ‘ghetto children’. Currently, there are around twenty-five ghettos identified by the Danish government. The immigrants, who live in these ghettos, come from countries such as Pakistan, Somalia, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. From 1980, immigrants have grown from 50,000 to 500,000 till date.
Prime Minister Lars Lokke, the legislative member of Venstre, believes that immigration to his country is a major problem. According to him, “people with the same problems have clumped together, [and] we have let it go, perhaps with the naïve idea that integration wou…

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