Brewing of American Politics

By Naveed Qazi | Editor, Globe Upfront

Don’t get carried over by eloquent speeches and joy. It is false propaganda. These are acts to appease those in the halls of power and a fool’s game. The critiques of Barack Obama have hit hard with an accuracy of their facts that most of the people didn’t even care to read about.  

American ‘humanitarian interventions’ have been made in our world for wars and butchering large human populations. Infact, the only difference between Bush and Obama was that Bush was more vocal and clear about what he wanted to do.

There was a time when ardent followers of Barack Obama didn’t like his critiques. He in fact was a techno fascist military strategist disguised as a Nobel Peace Laureate, operated by Wall Street, Corporate America and the Pentagon. He defined the idiocy of the right and the pandering platitudes of a dictator, only through a sustained and massive democratic movement.  

Dumping political anger is not democracy. Ironic, it may seem, but the recent shift of power from Democrats to Republicans will keep the political dogma of arrogance and ignorance intact. Both political centres represent the same side of the coin and Republicans in power are giving rise to new developments including a comprehensive register of Muslims, travel ban from selected Islamic countries and a new law where refugees wont be entertained. It seems radicalisation of American politics is very much part of the Republican plan. They have their tails up for it.

Immigration now will be a racial discourse. Religion will divide people. Judges will be used as pawns. Laws and courts will compete with nationalism. Huge military buildups are new promises. Political satires on Swedish Government and attacking journalistic freedom of respected and objective media houses in the world by the new American President Donald Trump will keep controversies intact.  Political apathy is poisonous. His irate leadership dragged by immaturity will bring defeat to statesmanship but he doesn’t seem to care.

Same policies will be followed to contain the Middle East for national interests: to fund the nepotism and corruption of monarchies, militarism, client political parties and to economically deprive its common countrymen. More power and freedom will be given to Israel to pursue its expansionist policies. Two State solution is long dead. Most of Palestinians are still refugees and Israel wants more land. But Americans still trying to sort out a productive bargain for both parties involved is an obnoxious cause, that too in an environment of imposing stringent sanctions and undertaking military actions whenever they please.

The nature of politics is often unforeseen and full of farce due to dreamy possibilities. Some undisputed facts are also accumulating involving active Russian connections with Trump’s three main campaigners for defeating the Democrats in the last election. Russia is infact a country with which Americans have a cold war. Trump also had several financial dealings with Russian oligarchs in the past when he headed his business empire. His political perceptions are also somewhat same because he wants to give more power to people who own America and influence common American lives economically.

Elites are infact hated when inequalities tend to grow. And if Trump wants to pursue politics as an entrepreneurial agenda to guarantee electoral security to his party members and himself, then promised motives of serving a republic will all together be wasted. Satisfaction of a selective public is not a primal example of good leadership. All this is happening at a time when common Americans want to occupy the Wall Street.

The new State has been given full access to abuse anonymity of their intelligence services as well. His administration also does not fear state protests. Some of these revolts against the new government have already been posted on media that reflect cultural disintegration in the American community. There have been long marches of placards and riots with burning cars in downtown streets. Protestors have had confrontations with the police. It is actually in these places where Trump is despised and derided. Many Americans are not happy with their new President.

The American government also cannot use their policeman whip to instill their versions of democracy anymore against the world having a wave of stern resistance under the pretext of their foreign policy. The truth is as hard to swallow, as much it is to speak. We are heading to a dangerous new world full of uncertainties. Infact, their single Presidential execution can ruin the world order.


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