Recent Peace Conundrum of United States

By Naveed Qazi | Editor, Globe Upfront

The war on terror campaigns of Iraq and Afghanistan didnt start American imperialism. The idea of American imperialism is often traced in the take over of Cuba, Puerto Rico and Hawai in 1898, according to historian Bernard Porter. 

The Presidential doctrines, particularly from Clinton's era allow unilateral use of 'military violence for uninterrupted supply of energy, access of markets and other resources. This was coined as 'New Nationalism' by US State department to bring greater peace and prosperity to its masses, and a sense of primacy around the globe.

Regan brought wars to Central America and places like Bolivia and Guantamala have been regarded as the greatest threats to US dominion in its course of history. The war on Iraq increased a seven fold in terror, in the country's attempt for global peace integration. 

Noam Chomsky’s excellent quote sums it up: “historical amnesia is a dangerous phenomenon, not only because it undermines moral and intellectual integrity, but also it lays the groundwork for crimes that lie ahead.” 

In April 2008, David Rose published an account of how Bush, Condolezza Rice, backed an armed force under Fatah strongman Muhammad Dahlan, and purged Gaza into a civil war.

However, the recent failures of US leadership has been Obama’s lack of charisma in institutionalising the Arab Peace Initiative, which tasks Israel to withdraw its international border with minor and mutual adjustments. Obama has praised this initiative but has shown no zeal to promote it. 

In December 2008, it voted against 2008 UN resolution for the right of self – determination of Palestinian people. On the contrary, he has increased aid to Israel for unprecedented ten years, showing his treachery in supporting any Palestinian state. He has also missed his deadline of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

The US-Israeli settlements are a partial issue and settlers have always found a way out, with about 46,500 units already approved for next twenty years. Peace Now, a source which monitors settlements claims that West Bank is in the process of getting divided into cantons, leaving Gazans unworthy of protest.

In terms of Arab public opinion, America is opposed to Arab Nationalism, and is seeking to protect its near east oil by supporting a status quo and opposing any political or economic progress. To add more. Obama’s tenure at office has been to support authoritarian monarchism of Mubarak and others. 

To curb Iranian aggression, Obama reconfigured missile defense system planned for eastern Europe, thus posing a threat to Russia on the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), in guise of protecting West Europeans.  He has also violated the UN Charter by placing special ships near Iranian coast in January 2010.

On December 2009, US Navy announced that a submarine fleet will be deployed to its new homeport at the port of Diego Garcia, as strategical military exercises in East Africa and Middle East, for bombing missions and for storage of nuclear weapons, leaving its regional rivals like Iran committed to political attacks.

The mistakes of United States has increased jihadism, and resulted in sectarian divide in the Arab world. In July 2008 trip to Israel, Obama acknowledged Israel's definite control of the occupied territories. The Iraq War, which Obama called as a ‘strategic blunder’, escalated its presence when White House published a report in 2007 calling a green signal for American investments inside Iraq for military purposes.

These recent political developments do raise questions to the public. Should they be committed to some action? Shouldn’t the intellectuals and reformers be committed to manufacture dissent to see hope and opportunities to move forward for world peace? Think they should.


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